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Visualize your perfect home-based retreat with the help from our award-winning design team.
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Take the first step on the journey to creating your new yard by reaching out to our talented designers who will work closely with you every step of the way. Watch your idea transform from sketch to 2D or 3D concept to ground break to reality.

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We specialize in landscape design.

Whether you have always dreamed of a tranquil backyard space with a koi pond or the ultimate outdoor entertaining space complete with a basketball court, or you just want the basics, we can create a layered, vibrant, and multidimensional design that perfectly captures your vision. At Patterson Landscapes, all of our landscape designs are created by our team of award-winning designers who love taking an interesting idea and turning it into a stunning work of art that seamlessly fits within HOA standards and codes.

Designing your dream landscape from the ground up.

No matter what vision you have for your front yard or backyard space, we can bring anything you can imagine to life, quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality. We even offer an easy-to-use online portal that allows you to track project progress, request changes to the design, and control various aspects of the project at any time, even in the middle of night. Our comprehensive landscape design services include:

  • Planning
  • Ground breaking
  • Installation
  • Plumbing
  • Gas connections
  • Leading warranty
  • CAD/3D landscape design and rendering
  • Acquiring permits
  • Meeting relevant codes and standards, including for neighborhood HOAs
  • Online customer portal access
  • Smart integration

Let us handle the details with our Project Management Service.

When your landscape design is complete, we are here to help see it through to completion. Through close collaboration with you and your contractor, we will meticulously update all drawings to accommodate any construction change orders or permit requirements. Our aim is to ensure that the landscape design is faithfully brought to life, exactly as it was envisioned from the beginning.

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