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At Patterson Landscapes, we believe that outdoor living spaces should be fun and relaxing all the time, even after work when it’s dark outside. That means no more wandering around in the dark and no more time wasted on unnecessary chores like watering your garden by hand.

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We specialize in smart landscape irrigation & lighting systems.

Work smart not hard by using an app to turn your landscape lighting and irrigation system on and off from anywhere at any time. Unlike other companies that tend to think of lighting and irrigation as an afterthought, we consider lighting and water supply lines from the very start of the project. Irrigation systems are set up to ensure optimal plant growth all year round, while lighting systems are carefully selected to enhance the overall appeal of your landscape and to increase visibility throughout the day and night.

Enjoy the benefits of outdoor living all year long.

Make the most of your evenings and weekends with smart landscape lighting and irrigation systems that can be controlled right from your phone. Never again will you have to worry about shouting across the house to make sure the right systems turn on at the right times. Our lighting and irrigation services are two of the most sought after landscape upgrades homeowners seek out. This means a higher return on investment in home value.

Benefits of our landscape lighting services include:

  • We will design landscape lighting to complement any home or yard space (includes a master lighting plan).
  • Lighting fixtures are hardwired into the home and will turn on and off automatically with the sunset.
  • We use FX and Kichler Lighting products (see their websites for more information).
  • Lights are guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years per fixture.
  • We install formal outdoor accent lighting, which is sturdier and more reliable than solar lights.

Some of the main benefits of our irrigation services include:

  • We design and install custom sprinkler/irrigation systems to fit any yard.
  • We install turf/grass irrigation to minimize overspray, saving you the most amount of water possible.
  • We can install underground drip lines to every planting on the property that are designed to provide the exact amount of water tailored to each plant species.
  • We use Rainbird and Hunter irrigation products.
  • Our systems can be controlled anytime from anywhere in the world via your phone, making them the perfect option for rental properties, people who like to travel, and anyone who doesn’t want to shout across the house to see if the sprinklers are working.
  • Our systems can save you 30% on your water bills annually.
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