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Bubbling Boulder

Do you want to add a stunning water feature to your outdoor space but are having a hard time finding the perfect fit?

Look no further than our selection of bubbling boulder kits, which are uniquely designed to fit into any yard space. All of our bubbling boulders for sale are made from handpicked natural Breckenridge stone, providing you with a one-of-a-kind water feature that you, your family, and friends will love.

Bubbling Boulder Water Feature
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Bubbling Boulder


All bubbling boulders are roughly 2-3′ wide by 1-2′ high, weigh around 500lb, and come complete with everything necessary for the install—installation videos/manual, Aqua Blocks and liner for the basin, hoses, fittings, and 1 custom cut/drilled bubbling boulder for every stone variant selected—making it easy to install by yourself or with the help of a contractor. This type of water feature also runs on an Aquascapes 2500-gallon-per-hour pump, ensuring consistent water flow and easy maintenance.
Water Feature with Reservoir
Water Feature Reservoir Included
Natural Stone Water Feature
Natural Stone
Stone Water Feature
2500 Gallons of Water Per Hour

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Natural Stone

Liner Included

100 ft2