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A backyard, mountain retreat

Project overview

This client has a beautiful home with the largest lot in one of the strictest HOA’s in the city. To add to the challenge their wish list required that we must create a xeriscape design with less than 500 square feet of grass. It was our goal to do this while still creating the feeling you were hanging out in or near one of Colorado’s Rocky Mountain ski resorts. We did this through our extensive planting selection including a mix of pines, spruces, aspens, and deciduous perennials. However, all of these are hearty to Colorado and are drip line serviced, requiring next-to-no maintenance. The built-up mulch beds combined with the swaled, flowing river rock creek beds to create a truly one-of-a-kind feel in this neighborhood. Lastly, the lighting really brought this project to life. We can’t decide what we like more – this outdoor living space during the day or after the sun fades over those majestic purple mountains.

Features & highlights

  • Standard Brushed Concrete Patio
  • Large Xeriscape
  • Large Planting/Greenery Plan
  • Estate Low Voltage Lighting Package
  • Kentucky Blue Grass Sod
  • Drip Line Irrigation
  • Natural Stone Seating Wall
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