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Outback Vista

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Enjoy warmth from a custom fire and the beautiful night sky

Project overview

This compact project packs a punch. From the start, the homeowner to make the most of their space and create a one-of-a-kind space that could be used for entertaining and relaxing at any time of the day. As is the case with all of our gas fire boulders, the client got to pick their boulder out from the quarry, ensuring a unique and personal main feature for this project. The brushed concrete patio, flagstone cut walkways, and seating wall were all designed to give year-round appeal to this yard and offer plenty of room to move around and enjoy life outside.

Features & highlights

  • Xeriscape
  • Gas fire boulder
  • Large brushed concrete patio
  • Belgard paver patio firepit space
  • Border Strassen seating wall with pillars
  • Large planting plan
  • Kentucky bluegrass sod
  • Dripline irrigation and smart controller
  • Low voltage lighting


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